Thinking of my holidays.

I don’t know about you but once I get past Christmas and New Year my thoughts turn immediately to my HOLIDAYS!!!!

I’m  a book early sort of a girl…gone are the days when you could get a “cancellation” on teletext (im showing my age there..this was pre google!!) and im so glad this week that I am…

We are going to Mexico in May for my friend Laura’s wedding (she is also my personal trainer) and are VERY excited about it.

Laura with our favourite drink MOJITOS!!


One thing I do try to aim for is an adults only hotel, Im not a fan of children in general and on holiday even less, but luckily in Mexico there are a few options. The first thing I always do is log onto I swear by this site and it has never let me down. It gives you the chance to read reviews, look at travelers pictures (which are generally a good indication of the quality of the hotel), and get hints and tips for your stay there.

We have chosen Golden Parnassus Resort, as it has a good rating 49 / 172 and lots of good reviews. Nathan and Laura are staying a little further on the strip which is ideal as we can just get together when we want without them being obliged to see us all the time…It is there wedding after all, we don’t want to cramp their style!

We are also going all inclusive, which I love…we will probably still eat out but its nice to know we don’t have to.

Now all I need is the dress, oh and

to loose a dress size before I buy it!!



Golden Parnassus

Golden Parnassus