Morning disaster!!

Woke up this morning to a sad and very lame Great Dane..Rolley has hurt his paw!! Lord knows how but he is limping and holding it up for me to look at..
And a very dirty furry thing it is too.

Iv had a good look at it and can’t see any obvious problems so il rest him a couple of days and see how he is.

Anyway tucked him back up on bed. Walked Barney and got ready to go to work….
So now iv got a lame dog and a lame car….
Now I don’t know about you, but anything wrong with my car and my stress levels go through the ROOF.
First thing …ring Danny. Even though he is also at work and 50 miles away.
Luckily he did remind me im with Green Flag…They were amazing. Here within an hour and all fixed in 10 mins.

Michael Jaguar is quite sad with his little wheel instead of his big Alloy!



Its not often that Danny and I get a day off together, made all the more special when we do…

Today we were VERY active and Proactive and started off nice and early with a good tidy up before we had our interview with our prospective pet sitters/walkers.

We are currently looking for someone to take care of the boys while we are away on holiday, and my friend Jane recommended the people she used when she had her wedding… Shae and Phil were happy to come round and have a good chat about our requirements, and what the boys routines are. However when we introduced them to the boys, Barney was very naughty and barked up at Phil in a quite aggressive way, im happy to say Phil knew exactly how to deal with him and calmed and reassured him very quickly, if we do decide to leave the boys with them while we are away, im sure they will be fine…

This afternoon we went on a very long 8 mile trek, we drove to a small village called Bottom Boat and then walked with Barney back home, where we swapped dogs and walked back.

Setting off on our walk

Setting off on our walk

Barney and me

It came really sunny and nice while we were out

It came really sunny and nice while we were out

Rolley thought he was going by car...

Snack time!!

Red sky on the way home.