Iv long been a fan of Flax Seed,and this is my favourite way to get them into my daily diet…

Flax seed is one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. There is evidence it can protect against, heart disease,cancer,strokes and diabetes.

So here is my recipe for “Flax seed porridge”,


Start off with two tablespoons of ground flax seed in a small pan..

Add a cup of almond milk….

Then an egg white….

and a mashed banana…

heat on a low temp until it starts to bubble…then serve with your your choice of fresh berries, blueberries work very well, and are full of antioxidants and lots more. http://www.womenfitness.net/blueberries.htm


Morning disaster!!

Woke up this morning to a sad and very lame Great Dane..Rolley has hurt his paw!! Lord knows how but he is limping and holding it up for me to look at..
And a very dirty furry thing it is too.

Iv had a good look at it and can’t see any obvious problems so il rest him a couple of days and see how he is.

Anyway tucked him back up on bed. Walked Barney and got ready to go to work….
So now iv got a lame dog and a lame car….
Now I don’t know about you, but anything wrong with my car and my stress levels go through the ROOF.
First thing …ring Danny. Even though he is also at work and 50 miles away.
Luckily he did remind me im with Green Flag…They were amazing. Here within an hour and all fixed in 10 mins.

Michael Jaguar is quite sad with his little wheel instead of his big Alloy!

Thinking of my holidays.

I don’t know about you but once I get past Christmas and New Year my thoughts turn immediately to my HOLIDAYS!!!!

I’m  a book early sort of a girl…gone are the days when you could get a “cancellation” on teletext (im showing my age there..this was pre google!!) and im so glad this week that I am…

We are going to Mexico in May for my friend Laura’s wedding (she is also my personal trainer) and are VERY excited about it.

Laura with our favourite drink MOJITOS!!


One thing I do try to aim for is an adults only hotel, Im not a fan of children in general and on holiday even less, but luckily in Mexico there are a few options. The first thing I always do is log onto http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ I swear by this site and it has never let me down. It gives you the chance to read reviews, look at travelers pictures (which are generally a good indication of the quality of the hotel), and get hints and tips for your stay there.

We have chosen http://www.goldencancun.com Golden Parnassus Resort, as it has a good rating 49 / 172 and lots of good reviews. Nathan and Laura are staying a little further on the strip which is ideal as we can just get together when we want without them being obliged to see us all the time…It is there wedding after all, we don’t want to cramp their style!

We are also going all inclusive, which I love…we will probably still eat out but its nice to know we don’t have to.

Now all I need is the dress, oh and

to loose a dress size before I buy it!!



Golden Parnassus

Golden Parnassus

My 500 Calorie day

We all had a little lay in this morning, after yesterdays long hike we were a little tired. Although we were only walking it has left a good burn in my calf and thigh muscles, so i feel it has done some good!

As i didn’t have to go out with the boys today, i took the opportunity to have my “500 calorie day”
Iv long been interested in the science of fasting, and while i am not as hardcore as some..(water only) i do find it very easy to stick within the 500 calorie limit.

I find it especially beneficial if i have overeaten the day before, I feel it gives my system a little rest….

Although simple to follow, i have just bought a book to give me some ideas of what to eat….

5:2 Diet Book

I started the morning with a cup of tea = 10 cals

Then had my usual porridge with almond milk, but just half a sachet = 73 cals

Almond Milk

Porridge Sachet

After this i felt fine till 2pm..when i felt the familiar rumble of an empty tum…

Lunch Time!!!


1 Hard boiled egg = 70 Cals

Got home around 5.30 this evening so straight out for dog walks. I had them both walked within 90mins so I must have paced it around.
Its strange how I seem to have more energy on a 500 cal day.

Tea tonight was veg with a stew on the side. No potatoes, or bread just a little amount of beef to protein it up a little.

evening meal

Let me know if anyone else is trying this diet, and if so how are you finding it? Have you had good results??


Its not often that Danny and I get a day off together, made all the more special when we do…

Today we were VERY active and Proactive and started off nice and early with a good tidy up before we had our interview with our prospective pet sitters/walkers.

We are currently looking for someone to take care of the boys while we are away on holiday, and my friend Jane recommended the people she used when she had her wedding… http://www.buddyspetcare.co.uk/ Shae and Phil were happy to come round and have a good chat about our requirements, and what the boys routines are. However when we introduced them to the boys, Barney was very naughty and barked up at Phil in a quite aggressive way, im happy to say Phil knew exactly how to deal with him and calmed and reassured him very quickly, if we do decide to leave the boys with them while we are away, im sure they will be fine…

This afternoon we went on a very long 8 mile trek, we drove to a small village called Bottom Boat and then walked with Barney back home, where we swapped dogs and walked back.

Setting off on our walk

Setting off on our walk

Barney and me

It came really sunny and nice while we were out

It came really sunny and nice while we were out

Rolley thought he was going by car...

Snack time!!

Red sky on the way home.

Sleepy dog day.

This morning Rolley was tired…He is usually the high energy dog and its unusual for him to be sleepy in when its run time…

Danny gets up at 5am to go to work and i usually get up 45 mins later,so when he has let them out, they come and get into bed with me for cuddles, till its time to get up for our morning excursion.

Not this morning though!!!Rolley GET UP!!!

After I finished work tonight I wanted to go and look for a new BIKE!!

How exciting is THAT!!!

Well no it wasn’t…I ride a mountain bike through the woods and over rough terrain, but iv been desperate to invest in a roadbike, one that I can really cover some miles on, easily and quickly.
I might even think about joining a cycling club, but after iv had a lot of practice.
Id had a good look on line and as the sales are on at the moment found one with £170 discount that looked ideal for a new rider.

We went into our local branch of Halfords to order one but were disappointed to be told the only one available was a very sorry looking display model…I was totally gutted.

The bike I wanted...

Oh well guess il just have to keep looking.

Exercise early!!

Up early this morning for a run with the boys….Im always glad to get my daily exercise out of the way first thing.

I have discovered a brilliant way to start my day..collagen-shots.com….My therapist Jane at embellishbeauty.co.uk put me onto these, and im thrilled with the improvement to my skin. However iv also realized that they really do give me that added bolt of energy I need to get me out of the house at 6am on these cold damp winter mornings.

Collagen Shots

It was very dark today on the fields with the dogs, but luckily Danny always looks out for me and has given me a fab little torch to use while im out…this combined with the new coats Rolley and Barney got for Christmas, means i can keep track of where they are even if they are deep in the woods following deer and rabbit scents..

The coats are from http://www.ruffwear.co.uk and are amazing…they were quite expensive, but that was mainly due to the sizes we need, but I would highly recommend them. Rolley does look a little like Vin Diesel in his!!

Hurtta Dog Coat

Breakfast this morning was porridge, with a sprinkle of ground flax and half a banana, I made the porridge with almond milk as I find this makes it nice and creamy and keeps me full till lunch time.
I love bananas but find i only ever eat half…Does anyone else have any odd food habits??